Corrosive Protection

Wall Steel carry out in house corrosive protection. We offer workshop applied intumescent paint applications. We also galvanise steel to client specifications, with follow on paint applications if required. We offer corrosion protection to ISO 12944 – 2018 corrosion category C1 – C5 inclusive.

Shot Blasting



All steel is shot blast to min SA2.5 to ensure correct preparation for corrosion protection. Wall Steel’s state of the art Gietart shot blast achieves the highest quality surface preparation, to achieve maximum steel protection.

All painting takes place in our temperature controlled spray shops. Spray shops have daily/weekly recorded environment checks to ensure paint applications are in accordance with Engineers and paint supplies.

Environment checks include:

  • Humidity
  • Air Temperature
  • Surface temperature of steel

Wall Steel offer intumescent loading calculations for various fire rating from 30 mins – 2 hour rating. All our workshop applied intumescent steel has a sealer coat applied for additional weather protection during construction phase.